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Product Care Guide

All Barbecues

  • To keep your grill in top condition, it’s crucial to season your barbecue before first uses and after periodically.
  • All barbecues need to be cleaned after each use to ensure safety and to increase their longevity. No part of our barbecues are dishwasher safe!
  • Do not use oven cleaner, abrasive cleansers (kitchen cleansers), cleaners that contain citrus products, flammable or abrasive cleaning pads on any part of our barbecue as this can cause damage or even a fire.
  • For the outside surface of our barbecues, use a warm damp cloth and let the unit thoroughly dry before each use.
  • For cooking griddles, remove excuse residue using a soft brush, scraper and/or cleaning pad then wash with a soapy water solution. Rinse with water and thoroughly dry.
  • For plastic barbecue components, wash with a soft cloth and hot soapy water solution then rinse with water and thoroughly dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners, degreasers or a concentrated barbecue cleaner on plastic parts.

Gas Barbecues

  • All cleaning and maintenance should be carried out when the barbecue is cool and when the fuel supply is turned OFF at the gas cylinder
  • To clean the burner tubes, gently remove the grill grates and with a soft brush or blower, clean with a wipe cloth or compressed air. Clean any clogged holes with a pipe cleaner or stiff wire (such as an opened paper clip). Although not common, inspect all burners for any potential damage (cracks or holes). If damage is found, you will require replacements before next uses.
  • To clean flame tamers, remove excuse residue using a soft brush, scraper and/or cleaning pad then wash with a soapy water solution. Rinse with water and thoroughly dry.
  • To clean grease trays and pots, Remove excess grease with a wooden spatula and then clean with a dry tissue. Always remove excess grease to avoid potential grease fires. A grease fire can cause serious bodily injury or damage to property.
  • WARNING: Use caution when removing the grease trays/pan and disposing of hot grease.

Charcoal Barbecues

  • To make it easier to clean your Charcoal BBQ we recommend lining the charcoal tray with aluminum cooking foil, shiny side up. Remember to leave ventilation holes in the tray clear by piercing the foil where necessary. Simply remove the foil lining and pour all excess charcoal and debris into the trash. Replace the lining of each cook for optimal efficiency.This process will not only lengthen the life of your grill but also simplify the cleaning process after each cooking session. 
  • To clean your steel grill grates, soak them in hot soapy water as soon as possible after use and once they have cooled down. Dry thoroughly and store in a dry place.
  • Do not completely fill the charcoal tray as the barbecue may become far too hot to cook successfully. Max loading weights can be found in the individual units manual but as a guide a 3kg bag of charcoal should last for at least 2 full grilling sessions.
  • NEVER pour water directly on the coals to extinguish them as this may damage your barbecue. Use old cinder, sand or a small water spray.

Barbecue Covers

  • Here at CosmoGrill we highly recommend the use of a barbecue cover for your grill, although it is not necessary to keep your grill covered 24/7, to prolong the longevity of your grilling marvel and keep it safe from the unpredictable elements, it's a crucial accessory to have in your possession. Check out our selection of covers here and keep your grill looking like new for years to come!
  • NEVER leave your barbecue covered for extended periods of time. Long periods of coverage can lead to humidity/condensation becoming trapped, leading to gradual corrosion (yellowish marks). Our premium covers are built to last, waterproof and anti-UV, however, it’s still crucial to give your barbecue some air.
  • All our barbecue covers come with a 2 year warranty (rules apply), on the rare occasion that you face issues with your cover please do contact us and we will work to provide a suitable solution for you.

Cast Iron Products

  • All CosmoGrill cast iron products are built of the highest quality. Although robust and durable they require periodic maintenance. Both cast iron grill grates and griddle should be cleaned by soaking and washing in soapy water as soon as possible after use and once cool down.
  • NEVER place cast iron products in a dishwasher as this will reduce the structural integrity of the product, remove any or all pretreated seasoning and likely cause rusting.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our amazing customer support team via our online here.

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