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Gas Bottles & Regulators

 All our gas barbecues are compatible with either Propane (Patio) or Butane LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas).

Please note, NONE of our barbecues come with gas bottles/canister and some of our models DO NOT come with a regulator & gas hose. Please check the individual product listing before ordering. 

Propane 37mbar 'Clip-on' regulator

All our barbecue models that come with regulator and hose, include a (27-28mm) 37mbar 'clip-on' regulator and 2m gas hose. When a regulator is not included you will need to purchase a compatible regulator and hose separately. This does depend on the type of gas & bottle used. Both these items are also widely available on multiple marketplaces, come in a pack together with a 2m gas hose coming as standard across the board.

If the barbecue comes with a regulator included, you will need to purchase one of the following propane bottles, depending on the number of burners.

[Rule of thumb: 3 or less burners = 5KG+ and 4 or more burners = 13KG+]

  • Calor Gas Patio Gas 5kg, 13kg (GREEN BOTTLES + RED HANDLES)
  • Flogas Leisure  6kg, 10kg (GREEN BOTTLES)
  • BP Gas Light 5kg, 10kg (WHITE BOTTLES + GREEN HANDLES)

If you happen to have or plan on buying a 'screw-on' propane regulator, please know the following combinations will work.

Propane 37mbar 'Screw-on' regulator

  • Calor or Flogas Propane 6kg, 13kg, 19kg (RED BOTTLES)
  • Flogas Propane 6kg, 19kg, 47kg (RED BOTTLES)
  • Flogas Propane 13kg (YELLOW BOTTLES)

If you happen to have or plan on buying a 'clip-on' butane regulator, 21mm is recommended. Please see the following gas bottle combinations beow.

Butane 28mbar 'Clip-on' regulator

  • Calor Butane Gas 7kg, 15kg (BLUE BOTTLES)
  • Flogas Butane Gas 7kg, 13kg (YELLOW BOTTLE)


NOTE: We highly recommend against buying any butane 28mbar 'Screw-on' regulator as they tend to only work with 4.5kg butane bottles, which will not provide enough gas pressure for any of our models, not even our Compact 2 burner


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